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Small Bites To Savor Bit Combos Of Flavor

Our Boards Are Personally Curated To Meet All Of Your Snacking Needs. While Our Offerings Are Scrumptious, They Are Meant As A Starter. Filled with Nuts or Olives, or Pickles, or Jam, Your Snacking Wish Is Our Command.

Even though I'm "Mom" I promise you I'm not biased. My favorite box so far is the Gold Bites the combination of the Almond with the sweet pickle "yummo". And surprisingly the ingredients are very filling.

Megan D.

5 Star Rating

Bralyn B.

Service/delivery was excellent. The small bites provided were packaged so nicely and everything was delicious. I was able to try different things I had not before and presentation was amazing.

Kass C.